Emily Pierce

After a personal struggle navigating the New York state healthcare system, Emily Pierce felt compelled and inspired to help others seeking care by advocating on their behalf. That is why she founded Pierce Mental Health Advocacy, LLC in December of 2016. Pierce was forced to really dig into the healthcare system, research her options and vie for herself. That experience made her realize that most people don’t know what is available to their benefit if they are in need of treatment or facing a time of struggle. The healthcare system can be extremely confusing and overwhelming, and people often don’t know their rights or what is out there to help them. Pierce has been through it, she knows the ins and outs of the system, and she knows how it feels to be in a patient’s position, which is what makes her the perfect advocate for you.


Pierce decided to make a change by helping people navigate the complex mental healthcare system and fight for patient rights because she believes that everyone deserves the best access to guidance, resources, and information when making medical decisions. Pierce Mental Health Advocacy, LLC was formed to advocate and protect those whose rights have been violated, help to access care and advocate for mental health treatment when necessary, educate higher education institutions on student mental health and give a unique perspective to organizations and hospitals providing mental healthcare.


Pierce has utilized her exceptional interpersonal skills, prior work experience and education to secure a rewarding position in the healthcare industry. She has years of experience presenting “Ending the Silence,” a fifty-minute in-school presentation about mental health for students to learn about mental illness directly from family members and individuals living with mental illness themselves. Put on by the Nation Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Westchester, working in the program provided her with the ability to speak clearly, attain knowledge of her audience, keep the audience engaged, and be comfortable answering questions.


Pierce also has experience as a Residential Care Manager at Human Development Services of Westchester. She provided individualized services for adults in community residences and treatment apartments four times a month or as needed. She maintained accurate documentation via case records, created individualized treatment plans for each client, and interacted with legal, medical, and psychological professionals.


Pierce earned her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Mercy College, and has worked towards her masters degree at Fordham University, but still has one year to complete the program. In her educational career she completed multiple internships, including social work at Greenburgh ATS where she provided individualized services for adults who meet court mandated criteria in an outpatient substance abuse setting. There, Pierce interacted with legal, medical and psychological professionals, maintained accurate and thorough documentation via case records, diagnosed, evaluated and treated adults with substance abuse issues under the direction of a licensed clinical social worker. She also facilitated therapy groups. As a pre-release intern at Westchester County Jail, Pierce worked with inmates during release to ensure social service paperwork was complete and accurate. She also counseled female inmates and co-facilitated female psychodrama groups.


Pierce’s personal experience in the healthcare system, her experience in the field and her education have provided her with all the necessary skills to be an advocate and an educator in navigating the mental healthcare system. Her proficiency in case management, excellent interpersonal skills, ability to develop treatment plans, critical thinking, crisis intervention, counseling experience, and knowledge of legislative policy make her the best advocate and educator for you. Let Emily Pierce help you. Contact her today at info@piercementalhealth.com.