#TexasStrong there is mental health help available during Your time of Need!

Dear Texans,

During this time of need, where you feel like you have no where to turn, there is help right around the corner. I have heard your cries on TV, the desparate pleas for help, not knowing if you will ever be able to go back and rebuild your home. You are Texans, what I learned was Texans Strong and All American, never to be divided.

Although I can’t be there physically for you I can offer you resources and can be a source of advocacy for you and your family. In just a few days I will have a full resource page for all Texans who have been affected by the horrific tragedy of #Harvey.

You are in our prayers here at Pierce Mental Health Advocacy, and know that you are in millions of #Americans prayers too!

All the Best,

Emily Pierce

Founder/ CEO