State Halts Admissions at Lowell Psychiatric Hospital- The Boston Globe

In April of 2016 I suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, one that my husband nor I knew how bad it was until February of this year, two months prior to our wedding, when we received the results back from a 3D state of the Art MRI . I had at some point and medical professionals tell me almost right away suffered bleeding to the brain, which was a subdural hematoma , it was the cause of a recurrence of my major depression that was in remission for three years.

The events that occurred early on due to my husband and I not knowing about the subdural hematoma, worsened the condition, because the ” America’s Psychiatrist” who supposedly was an expert in the area knowingly gave me drugs that would cause treatment resistant depression, suicidality, worsen my condition so that I needed more treatment from them and it was all paid out-of-pocket.

Apparently, a psychiatrist whom we couldn’t afford, but lead me to believe that he was the only one that could treat my condition, because he wrote books on the subject, testified on it, was a T.V. commentary and was the only one who had access to the drug called ketamine, was the founder of a provider network, threatened me if I called the medical board and made me sign a contract in order to continue treatment, that if I filed a complaint with the medical board and they found nothing wrong, he would sue me for a half a million dollars. Everytime we had therapy reassured me I would get better, but was getting worse because of the medication.

” Americas Psychiatrist” as he calls himself would abuse his well-known name in the state of Massachusetts and if he had an inkling that you could be a harm to yourself, but really were not, he would use the state’s law Section 12 to have you involuntarily committed.

The conditions of the hospitals were less than sanitary, lets take Holy Family Hospital in Haverhill Massachusetts for example. They were completely understaffed. At times there were no ER doctors in the emergency room and only nurses. I don’t think I once saw a person come and clean to sanitize any room it was just changing the bed sheets and if there was blood on the floor too bad.

The ER doctors that were there, less than worthy of having an MD. I remember a patient crying out for his psychiatric medication after two days of requesting it appropriately. Mind you the patient was still in their bed but loud, the security supervisor came, security guard, nurse and MD. All I heard was your breaking my wrist, screaming at the top of his lungs as they doped him up with Haldol, ativan and Benadryl. The reason why I know what medications they were injecting him with was because I was next to the nurses station in the hallway and they were loud about it and not protecting his privacy.

Next as I watched in horror and working in the mental health field I have seen a lot of things, but straight in front of me an extremely depressed man. They never took away his eye-glass case so he took a tool that you screw in the loosening screws of the arms of the eye-glass case and began slicing his wrists. Maybe ten minutes into it they found him doing this and quietly took away the tools and glasses, nurses that is and left him there with no observation what so ever.

As for me I should never have been there sitting, rotting in an ER for three days, while the social worker played games and everyday for 72 hours would say they were continuing their bed search. My husband was with me and couldn’t believe what was happening. “Americas Psychiatrist” the one we paid 550.00 an hour for would not return our call. Anyone reading this doesn’t actually thing we could really afford that do they, its ridiculous, but this psychiatrist had me believing he was the one who could help me feel better and promised it.

My husband went into massive debt because of this fraud of a psychiatrist. While I was at Holy Family I had made calls to Anita Giuntoli, the states mental health investigation department, public medical health department and more. My husband made calls and wrote as well.

I see now that nothing has happened, that the Joint Commission on Quality Care, their politics in that state mean more than the care that a psychiatric patient receives. Well now I own my own company and I can do something about it, now that it has been brought out to the public spot light and I intend too.

I am especially surprised at NAMI MASS to actually post the article, then I gave them a call to speak with the interim director and never heard back. Great job NAMI MASS….. You are a superstar at advocating for legislation to protect individuals with mental health conditions.