The Mental Welfare of our Politicians and Celebrities

We often hear that individuals labeled with serious mental health issues are the ones who threaten our politician’s, president and community who also commit massacres. To cite some of these instances in 2012 there was Adam Lanza who shot and killed 20 first graders and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary school. The 1999 Columbine High School Mass Shooting , In 2013 the Navy Yard Shooter, who was said to be delusional and the list goes on. These shootings were over glorified , stigmatizing mental health in the media and brought out copycats.

During our last Presidents eight years in office it seemed like daily, people with mental health conditions were being stigmatized for every violent incident that happened, social media was on a rampage about people who have a serious mental illness and gun violence, for that matter so were politicians.

There was Michael Hoyt who allegedly had a plot to poison the Speaker of the House John Boehner. Hoyt was his bartender and immediately arrested, but no proof was ever furnished that Hoyt did actually do or say something. It was just the media telling the story.

Now we have a new President in The White House and never in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine anyone threatening our President no matter who it is or what political party they are affiliated with. It appears that the threatening to assassinate President Trump by celebrities like Kathy Griffin, who held a head in her hands that looked like President Trump, Madonna, who stated that she dreamed of blowing up the White House and now the latest a politician, State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal on her Facebook page stated, that she hoped Trump would be assassinated. In each instance the Secret Service went out to investigate and interview all of the above individuals, but NONE of them were charged or brought for a psychiatric evaluation.

I probably can understand not charging them with a crime, big probability, but there is something mentally wrong with each of these individuals if they feel it’s okay, especially a State Senator to threaten the life of our President. Michael Hoyt and I don’t condemn the arrest if the allegations were factual, but we don’t know because he just disappeared. There was no real media publicity in his case.

I do however, have an issue with individuals who are possibly a threat to our President in more ways than one, by being a public figure and getting special treatment. If it was John Doe off the street that individual would be on the news and in a psychiatric lock up getting an evaluation probably for the rest of their lives.

Politicians and Celebrities are not exempt from having a mental health condition. It may show in their actions out in the public such as threatening the life of our President. We must make it clear to everyone no matter who you are that they can have a mental health condition at any stage of their life or one that has gone misdiagnosed for that long.

It should never be okay to threaten to take anyone’s life, nonetheless The President of the United States of America.