NYS Judge Sheila – Abdus Salaam found dead in Hudson River



First I want to take a moment to say from everything I have read about Judge Salaam she is a warrior. Warriors don’t wake up one morning and jump off a bridge with absolutely no witnesses in sight including her husband not knowing she is gone.

A warrior like Judge Salaam brings with them a lot of controversy, they don’t care about politics as it stated, they care about what is right and wrong, moral and immoral. I am not a judge but it doesn’t take Eienstein to figure out that Judge Salaam reversed many cases in her day, because the decisions were not based upon fact of law, but politics. She was brave and had a hard life herself.

The NYT stated she grew up in poverty, but graduated from Columbia University in 1977 with her law degree.  She served as a public defender in brooklyn and worked her way up the ranks. Judge Salaam was known to side with people in poverty, parties who were mentally ill, brought misconduct cases and breach of contract.

Now her name is being slighted as mentally ill, in the articles I read never did anyone say anything about mental illness. In fact they all came out and said, how steadfast she worked and her dedication to the job.

The public she be the jury in this case and demand a investigation into a judge that worked her wasy from being born into a family of seven who were poor, all the way up to New York’s Highest Court, the court of appeals.

In ending, Judge Salaam is a role model to all and that is how she should be remembered not as a made up mental health disorder.