The Power of a Chatroom or forum discussion

As a mental health advocate and someone who has depression their is so much power in being able to listen to parents with children or individuals with mental illness and their stories. It gives me the greatest honor to be the one to point them to the right direction and be able to help them.

The article I was reading An Advocate for parents whose children struggle with mental illness  , brought back such a warm feeling of one of my first cases I worked on when I founded Pierce Mental Health Advocacy. Just a voice at the other end or a person typing on a keyboard or responding to a comment means so much to so many. Too often I feel that these special commodities are taken for granted and not used in an appropriate manner.

As the owner of this company I can tell you I will be fully involved in every aspect, it may not be 100% of the time, but as we add services it will become more. Pierce Mental Health Advocacy is more than just another advocacy agency, we stride to teach you how to find the resources and then empower you to use them. Empowerment is not used enough in our mental health system.